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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Homemade Laundry Powder

So I first gave the idea of making my own soap when I saw a friend post about her personal experience making it on Facebook. I hope I remember correctly (because this was over a year ago I think), but I believe the recipe she got was from here

I hate buying laundry detergent. I feel like I have to buy it too often and because it's so expensive I would buy the cheap stuff like Sun. It always went too fast.

While visiting with my mom, we made it for her first. We bought ivory soap and shaved it with a cheese grater. It didn't work well for my mom though because she only washed with cold water. She tried soaking the soap in hot water before the wash and it seems like the ivory soap still had problems not completely melting away; however, we were amazed at the first loads we washed. Clothes looked whiter, stains came out easily. It's really good despite being 'homemade' and inexpensive to make.

When I got back home I decided I wouldn't use Ivory soap (despite the fact I do love the smell of it). This isn't a recipe that you need down to the T I've realized. I don't need exactly this much baking soda, and exactly this much borax - you get the point. So when I went to Walmart for my supplies, I got the best value for each product. I also spent over $20. More into $30 and something because I did purchase the Purex Crystals. Honestly next time I might save up some coupons and buy TWO instead. It seems like there can always be more in each load. I found Zote preshaved - and I highly recommend it! No shaving or work on your part and it dissolves easily in hot and cold water - and it was still only around $2 for the box.

I made this in April. It's the end of September now and I can probably make it till the middle of October with what I have left. So the original blogger was right on when she said it would last a family of five about 6 months. I wash almost daily as well. I've even used it to spot clean my carpet! So at approximately $60 a year on laundry soap, that's quite a deal!


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