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Monday, January 26, 2015

Homemade Perogies (Perogi)

Growing up my mom always cooked us perogies from the frozen section at the grocery store - they were delicious and we all loved them. I finally decided I wanted to take a stab at making them homemade after seeing a recipe on Facebook posted. Looking at the dough ingredients, I mentioned to my mom it had sour cream in it. She said she didn't think her grandma put sour cream in her's - so I tried to find a more traditional recipe, and ended up with this blog post here.

First I peeled and cut my potatoes and started them to cook. While they were cooking I prepared the dough. After figuring out how to convert 500gs of flour into cups (I was lucky, my flour bag did it for me, and had it listed on the bag at 3/4c equaling 100gs, but I've been told it differs with each brand so you can see if your brand is listed here.)

The blogger says this amount of flour probably needs around a cup of water, and that you can added an egg or egg white to the dough for a richer dough. I added 1 egg white and a bit over a cup of water. I just slowly added water as I was kneading and mixing it with my hands until it became a good dough texture. After I finished, I placed it in an oiled bowl with a damp towl over it for about 30 minutes and continued making my mashed potatoes. I made them as normal and then mixed shredded cheddar in them. If I knew the kids would eat it, I would have added pepper jack cheese to it, and may next time.

When the dough was finished, I took small portions out at a time and rolled them out. I found a lid that was maybe 5-6 inches in diameter (I wanted them to be about the size of the frozen ones). This dough was incredibly easy to work with. After cutting out the circle I placed a small spoonful of the mashed potatoes in the middle, and then folded it over and pressed the edges with a fork (I find it easier and prettier then using my fingers).

After I did this with all the dough (made about 15 at this size), I dropped them in boiling water. You let them boil until they float to the top. After they float to the top they are done and can be eaten, but I like mine fried in butter with onions, so mine went directly into a skillet that was ready. I fry them until they have a little brown on them and then take them out and eat them.

Next time I'd like to try some sweet ones and maybe some with meat.



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