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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Doctor Who Tardis Costume for Child - Part 1

My kids are big Dr. Who fans. My three year old decided he wanted to be the 11th Doctor. This is an easy do. I purchased an inexpensive child's bow-tie and suspender set on eBay in red, and really all I am doing for that is trying to hunt down a brown blazer in his size that isn't too expensive (since he'll most likely wear it just for Halloween).

My oldest son, who is 6, wants to be the Tardis. He gets to wear a costume to school, so I wanted to make it something comfortable and not obnoxious to wear, so I was thinking felt would be a good option since it's stiff, but not too stiff - as well as inexpensive (got mine for $2.99 a yard at Joann's, don't forget to get coupons online!).

I purchased three yards, and had a ton left over. It really depends on the size of your child to determine how much you will need. I eyeball measured it up next to him, cut out my four sides (I made the actually sides small, so it's more of a rectangle than an actually square all around), and then I sewed up the sides and made a giant blue felt bag, ha.

For the windows, I used 9x12 sheets of white felt (about $0.35 each at the store) and cut them to be more squared and to fit better. I then trimmed it simply by gluing black construction paper around it.

The printed signs I purchased from Etsy, on fabric. But honestly, I could have easily of just printed it myself on paper and had the same effect. I'm sure you can Google the images you need and then print them on paper, you could even have Staples print them for you relatively cheap.

This is how far I have gotten. My plan is to build a light-weight wooden frame to slip the costume over that he can wear. We will see how they turns up and I will update with another post when the costume is completed!

Any advice/ ideas welcomed! =)


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