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Friday, October 5, 2012

Angry Bird Pumpkins

     So here in Southern California it's usually really hot for sometime, even around Halloween. If we carve pumpkins they don't really last really long. I saw this really cute idea on Pinterest (sorry I don't recall the origin of it) and so since my 5 year old is a HUGE fan of angry Birds I decided' we'd give it a try. I got the big pumpkin at target for $3.99 and the little guys came from Vons for $0.59 each. I already had acrylic paint at home, but you can buy it for around $0.50 a bottle at Walmart or a craft store. I just google a picture of the angry birds and drew it the best I could and then painted it. You could technically print out the faces on an 8x10 piece of paper and trace it with a little force and it would leave a light imprint in the pumpkin if you want to be perfect or do not think you would do well by eye-balling it.

We plan on adding a big green pig soon, and probably the smaller red bird. Depends on how much the cost of pumpkins are closer to Halloween! BTW the FedEX guy thought they were awesome, heh. :)


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