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Monday, July 30, 2012

Paper Dolls for Boys

I came home today and was drawing and coloring with my two year old. After that got boring (in like 5 minutes for him) I made him an Elmo and Cookie Monster paper doll to play with. My older son really likes it when I draw things for him and cut them out. I've made him some spongebob characters before on the dollar tree foam (they get played with longer than most toys it seems). Today I used some blank business cards for the paper dolls. I found them on Etsy a few weeks ago. I'm realizing that these blank little pieces of card stock can be used for a ton of things, so it's nice having some laying around.

For the dolls you could either print them out (just google the character you want on Google images - it helps to google character name + coloring page, to get black and white results. Or you can draw them yourself, like I did. I also googled the characters so I could look at them as I drew them. It's a nice and easy free thing to do with your kids that I'm sure they're remember when they're older. =)

Obviously this could work for girls too - you can use any characters. My son even likes it when I draw furniture and we made a fake house out of a cardboard box.


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