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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Perfectly Posh - Product Reviews

I found out about Perfectly Posh from a friend who reps for it, Mara. I'll tell you the three main reasons it caught my eyes:

1) Everything they sell is under $25
2) Every order ships for $5
3) Natural products all made in the USA

With three kids, I don't usually like to spend a lot on myself that is unnecessary, so it's kind of nice to see some pampering products that I can trust on my sensitive skin that won't break the bank. Before Mara sent me samples, I ordered one of their soap chunks, Viva Senorita. It smells pretty amazing like lemons and the chunks are huge. They're like the size of two regular bars of soap.

So I decided I was pretty happy and excited about Perfectly Posh and asked Mara to send me some samples so I can try a few of the products. Two of the product I absolutely love, one I'm not a fan of. Another needs more time to be used for me to decide - but I'll tell you about them!


For about two years I have used St. Ives Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub on my face - top reasons being it's cheap but also a trusted brand made in the USA. I like how it smells but haven't really noticed any difference since using it. It's a soap that scrubs, so it cleans my face and that is about it. One thing I dislike about it is the exfoliants in it are hard to rinse off. I almost always rinse my face but then realize while applying lotion that there are still some exfoliants on my face. 

Mara sent me the BFF: BEST FACE FOREVER EXFOLIATING FACE WASH from Perfectly Posh. At first I was a little disappointed because the sample seemed like a very small amount and I thought it wouldn't be enough to wash my whole face. Surprisingly though, a small amount goes a long way, which is nice to see because I know I would end up using way too much and wasting it. It smells pretty amazing too, very fresh scent. It's a really nice scrub, it's not too harsh at all but seems to get the job done. My skin felt amazingly soft after using it and the exfoliants washed off easily and did not stick to my skin. I am 100% sure I am switching to this as my nightly face wash now. The price is a bit higher than the St. Ives but I see it as worth it because I got results - and I feel a tube will last a while since you need very little for your face.


I don't use a body butter but I do use lotion. I use the Vaseline Aloe Fresh lotion. Same reasons I use the St Ives face wash, it's inexpensive and a trusted brand. It smells great but I have not noticed any benefits of using it and the smell is short lived.

Mara sent me a sample of Snarky Butter as well. It smells so great, without being over powering. It leaves your skin soft and the scent stays with you all day it seems. I really really love it which was unexpected. I read the ingredients and it didn't really sound like a kind of scent I usually go for (I like fruity/citric smells).


I tried the It's Da Bees Knees salt body scrub. I don't use a body salt scrub so I don't have anything I can compare it to. I wasn't a fan of this one. I didn't like the smell much and the salt was a bit big and even in a bath seemed to wash off before it could even scrub much. 


I also received a few more samples I will review in the coming weeks once I've had a chance to use them.


I want to try the Kale Face mask next, it has bentonite in it which is a pretty popular ingredient that is getting great reviews for use on your face. It's better known as the Aztec healing clay. 


Please explore the site here and see if you see anything you might be interested in. Mara's sample stash changes up periodically so contact her to request samples during her next shipment.

Contact Mara on Facebook with any questions or to request samples!


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