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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Free stuff from Kmart/Sears with Surprise SYW Points!

I got an email from Kmart today saying I had $40 in surprise points - surprisingly! IN the past it's been $3, $5 and maybe $10.
So I clicked to see if 1) it's a real email from them, and 2) what the deal is.

Pretty nice amount of deals. I used the bottom one, which was originally $15 in surprise points and got my son a backpack he's been wanting (which was also on sale, so even better...). With the left over points I got my youngest a cute outfit! And it's all free, I just have to pick it up in the store!

You may not have the same as me, but go on over and check yours out to see if they added any surprise points in your account!


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