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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Carseat Canopy Review plus Promo Code for a free one!

These are pretty great and I wish I would have had one for my first two kids. I purchased one (along with the complete kit) for my third son and it was my favorite purchase. The canopy itself works great for shade when the baby is in his car-seat, but I also used it to cover when breastfeeding and as a blanket. The smooth minky fabric is super soft.

Since I purchased the complete kit, my son was styling! Again it was also super soft for him. The covers have kept my car-seat looking brand new during it's one year of use so far. Too bad there isn't really  market for reselling used carseats!

I'll be honest, I did not expect these to be the greatest quality, but I was wrong. They are nicely made and mine has held up pretty great! Plus, now they have ton of new designs and styles I love and wish I had a need for.

You can get one free (plus shipping) here:

Use Promotion Code HEYMOM50 TODAY!

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