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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Boy Valentine's Day Cards

My son is in Kindergarten and I was excited to make something unique for him to give out on Valentine's day this year. I decided to go with a frog/toad theme. I designed the paper cover (I used a free program called PAINTNET), and had it printed at, on their multipurpose two sided card product (I love artscow and highly recommend them, visit for best deals and sign up for their newsletter for best deals too!). They are in China, so plan ahead if you get anything from them because it does take a few weeks to get your stuff. I bought the little plastic bags, frogs and stickers all on (I use the heck out of my Prime membership, it's worth it!). I left the backside without names so he can fill them in himself and practice writing. 

*I noticed my misspelling of 'Toad'lly' after I had them printed, so oh well.

Since the product included two-sided printing, I added some fun frog and toad jokes on the inside.

-Used The Amazing Patterned Frogs Digital Scrapbooking Kit Freebie found here for graphics on card. 


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