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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Encourage Reading with a Book Advent Calendar

     A friend mentioned this quite some time ago and I thought it was a really great idea. Basically your child or children get to open a new wrapped up book every day until Christmas. I've seen some people use all Christmas and Holiday themed books, but I chose to mix holiday books with regular kid books - and with The Night Before Christmas being the book for the 24th. The 23rd is A Christmas Story about Jesus. I have some others thrown in the mix as well. (including this one I got for $5 on black Friday!)

     I'm hoping this excites my children to want to read more. My Kindergartner is suppose to read during the week for part of his homework - so having 24 new books for the house helps with that too! =)

     I wrapped mine with newspaper - basically because that's what I had! Ha. You can use wrapping paper, brown postal paper or even scrapbook paper if you would like. Be creative. =)

     I made the date tags in Word and printed them on some of my kid's construction paper (cut it down a little on the sides to make it fit). I've made that Word into a PDF file you can easily download and print too if you'd like. Have fun!


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