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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby Boy Blanket - Nontraditional

Okay so I'll be honest. I REALLY wanted a daughter. I really love the color pink and little girl things. When I walk by the little girl clothing section I think everything looks sooooo pretty and cute - but I don't have girls. I have two boys. Two boys that I love and adore. They bring me flowers and give me kisses and give me a reason to smile every day.

Well I still am not a huge fan of baby blue fabrics and stuff like that. I like skeleton fabric and unique fabrics. For my oldest son I made a quilt out of scraps of fabric I collected and bought from various places - some of the fabrics were day of the dead themed, some had pin ups on them, some were Asian themed. The end result was a very colorful blanket I was proud of.

For my second son I found this black and yellow fabric I fell in love with and decided to make his quilt with. (I loved it enough, I used it on a family quilt I made for my grandmother as well)

The back is just a plain black Minky dot fabric with a yellow heart iron on the back of it since his middle name is Valentine.


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